About Us

Biogenetics Diagnostics is dedicated to providing rapid and reliable COVID-19 testing services to the residents and businesses of southeastern Michigan.

We started our lab in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to help patients keep themselves and others safe and to help businesses and institutions gradually and confidently return to normal. We make testing simple and accessible, with online registration, a drive-thru location, the option of onsite collection for large organizations, and a user-friendly patient portal. In the coming months, we will expand our services to include non-COVID PCR testing, serology, and toxicology—continuing our direct-to-consumer services and collaborating with local medical offices.


Our laboratory leadership and staff have decades of experience in the field and have worked at diagnostic and reference labs statewide. At Biogenetics Diagnostics we bring our experience to bear and apply laboratory management best-practices to process samples in a precise and timely manner.


Our laboratory is CLIA accredited and complies with all state and federal COVID-testing regulations and reporting procedures.